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We create latest generation Escape rooms and high-tech puzzles. 

We use our 5 years experience in Escape room industry.

We are a production company based in Moscow, Russia. We produce all kind of stuff for Escape rooms (escape games):

- single puzzles and props for Escape rooms from our catalogue;

- ready-to-play rooms: from catalogue and custom-made;

- custom-made props and puzzles;

- sets of props;

- software for Escape rooms;

- decor and elements for Escape rooms;

- write scripts/scenarios (ready ones and at the customer’s request).

We have a lot of experience of working with electronics, developing software, creating decorations and producing high-quality props and puzzles: we know good components and unique techniques. 

We have been working in the production sphere for 8 years and in Escape room business – for 5 years already. We know pretty well, what an Escape room is. We know the specifics of the way ER operates.

We have our own production facility and reliable team of professionals.

We are reliable escape room supplier



We are a full cycle production company based in Russia. For more than 8 years we have been producing unusual objects for various advertising agencies and eventors.


For the last five years we have been producing various gadgets (devices), puzzles and props for people, who create Escape rooms. Thus, now this is the main focus of our company.


5 years of working in scape room industry


We helped our customers to create fantastic hi-tech Escape rooms in more than 36 countries: the USA, Great Britain (Scotland, England), Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Norway, Singapore, etc.


We will be happy to see you among our customers!


Puzzles, props, devices, gadgets, decorations, electronics, software and application – these are the things, which we are proud of and able to produce  for you!


 446 projects completed in 36 countries worldwide



The best way to understand, what we do and how we work, is to watch our videos. We publish new content about twice a week.

The Youtube channel is the first place, where our latest ideas and products appear.

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Let us introduce ourselves!

    We are Ilya and Darya - founders and owners of EcoDecor company.

    We studied together at school and have known each other for many years. In childhood Ilya was always very curious and handy with various mechanisms, Darya - serious and creative.

    We met again after the university in 2008 and decided to start our own business. At that time Ilya worked in PwC. In his free time he built his own boat and made adorable adirondack chairs for his friends’ restaurant at their request. At the same time Darya planned events and organized different games and quests for team-building and birthday parties.

    We have merged our best skills and experience to set up a production company.

    5 years later a good friend of ours was planning to open the first Escape room in Moscow. There were no companies to produce props and puzzles for her, so we were forced to become one 😊.

Now we are focused mostly on Escape rooms and we do love this job!

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