World Cup 2018 in Russia, Moscow

Hey to all football fans! Welcome to Russia! (we hope you are going to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup) In that case you are very welcome to visit our workshop in Moscow. (we are located on Kuntsevskaya metro station, Ivana Franko 4k4 - address to go by taxi). Just contact us before to reserve date and time. Best regards, EcoDecor team. #escaperoomsinmoscow #escaperoomproduction #escaperoomfabrication #escaperoomfifa #escaperoommoscowrussia #escaperoomworkshop #ecodecor #erecodecor

Some tips about installation for Escape room owners

All of us faced problems with installation of props, puzzles and decor elements. That is why we decided to share our experience as well as feedback from our customers with you. Please, keep in mind the aspects listed below! Hide all the wires! Players in your escape room will always try to pull, break and even bite wires. In spite of the fact that we fix wires inside our puzzles with double protection, sometimes this is not enough. You can also hide wires inside special plastic channels for cables. This is not the best solution. However, better than nothing! Obviously, these recommendations are also applicable to sockets. Please, eliminate any possible contact between players and 110-240v AC

Room escape conference (Nashville, USA)

We are glad to inform you, that we will participate in Room escape conference and tour in Nashville (TN). Here is web-site of conference. Dates are: JULY 27-29, 2018 So, lets meet at booth #605. Best regards, EcoDecor team. #Roomescape #roomescapeconferenceandtour #REC #RECT

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