Turnkey project (puzzles, props, AR app, server, sound and light control

Hello! Today we want to share with you some interesting information about one of our projects - a ready-to-play/ turnkey escape room. To be more exact, it is not a classic escape room. It is a symbiosis of an escape room, a museum and an educational center. This is our «edutainment» project. The escape room industry has been developing quite fast. Obviously, this is not a secret for anyone. We can say that at the moment the ER industry is becoming a part of the educational process. Our project is divided into three main parts: part with an Augmented Reality (AR) game; «classic» escape room; control part (server): puzzles, lights, sounds and web-interface (application). Part 1. Augmented Real

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Puzzles, props and ready to play escape rooms

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