Guide to the Purchase of a Ready-to-Play (Turnkey) Escape Room

Finally you’ve decided to open an escape room. This is good news! Here you will find useful information about the purchase of ready-to-play (turnkey) escape rooms produced by our company. A ready-to-play/turnkey escape room — is a set of props/puzzles and decoration elements. This set includes almost everything you need to start an escape room business. What steps should you take? Find a location: 30-50 sq.m (= 320- 530 sq.ft) — an average size of an escape room (1 hour game); of course, variations are possible; Build walls according to a plan/scheme; Make a simple wiring: main power line 110-240v AC for some elements and 12v DC line; Decorate the walls; Install props/puzzles and decoration

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Puzzles, props and ready to play escape rooms

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