Mini-escape room (15 minutes). Scary/horror!

"You were thought to be dead by mistake and buried alive in an old tomb-chest… You will run out of oxygen in 15 minutes. Find the way out as quickly as possible!"


Location: tomb with 2 coffins (two puzzles are in both coffins).

1-2 players

Area: 7-12m2 7 puzzles (with horror effect) in total


The scenario includes:

  ⁃  a full storyline;

  ⁃  a plan with location of props and puzzles;

  ⁃  an circuit of electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles);

  ⁃  a detailed description of all the props;

  ⁃  a sequence of props and puzzles;

  - the  visualisation and a room design guide.

Buried alive

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