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60 minutes escape room.

Family room "Huge and tiny, colorful and black&white, sweet and bitter – players will find themselves in a strange place and see unusual qualities of different things. Will they be able to understand the White Rabbit and solve his puzzles? This option will be of interest to both – grown-ups and kids."


Location: 2 rooms (Rabbit hole (1) and room of the Queen (2))

2-4 players

Area: 30-40m2 13 puzzles

Here is ready to play room 


The scenario includes:

  ⁃  a full storyline;

  ⁃  a plan with location of props and puzzles;

  ⁃  an circuit of electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles);

  ⁃  a detailed description of all the props;

  ⁃  a sequence of props and puzzles;

  - the  visualisation and a room design guide.

Following the White Rabbit

  • We guarantee, that you as our Client will receive puzzles and props with good and proper quality and full completeness.

    We provide 6 month warranty: spare parts or even replacement.

    In case of any problems with our goods, we will help you to diagnose problem.

  • We provide worldwide shipping via courier service. All packages are trackable. We ship all our items in special shipping (plywood) boxes to prevent any possible damage during the shipment.

    Shipping rates

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