Portable safe for indoor and outdoor games. You have to solve all puzzles and rob the banks safe.
Either escape rooms or other events. 
Theme: bank, office, robbery
There are 9 puzzles inside: 
4 with electronics, the rest are mechanical ones
Timing: 30min
Number of players: 1-4 players (comfortable)
Difficulty: medium-hard
Age: 12+
Effects: sound, lighting and motion effects
Rechargeable battery (built-in), 10h battery life
Size of safe: 60*45*40cm
Weight: 22kg

We provide:
- main safe,
- all external game elements (including spare parts): decoders, stethoscope, notebooks, etc.
- special USB charger with necessary cable (110-240v AC input -- use anywhere in the world!)
- safety case for transportation
- all locks (mechanical and electromagnetic locks) with spare keys
- detailed instruction how to operate the game

Portable game. The bank robbery (9 puzzles)

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    We provide 6 month warranty: spare parts or even replacement.

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