The set includes the following items:
• A big plywood box with electronics inside;
• A built-in box with a lock and an indicator;
• An LCD screen;
• Two buttons with backlight;
• An electric winch.
Players should do the following:
1. Put metal objects into the built-in box. After that the box will be locked.
2. Unwind the winch (full 9 circles). There is indication on the LCD screen (1,2…X circles). Wait for 15sec. After that the indicator will light up.
3. Wind the winch (full 9 circles). After that the built-in box will be unlocked. Players get a NEW metal object.
Generally this is a simulation of metal melting. According to the scenario, this winch is inside a volcano. Players drop the case with metal objects in the volcano, melt them and lift up. As a result, they extract a NEW metal object.

Winch prop

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