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Last generation puzzles

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Be unique in Escape room industry

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  • Any items for Escape rooms: high-quality props and puzzles, electronics, developing software, creating decorations

  • 8 years experience in Escape room business. We know pretty well, what an Escape room is

  • We know what is vandal-proof production

  • We have our own production facility and reliable team of professionals

  • We use unique techniques, technology and skills in production process.

  • We are experienced puzzle and prop-maker company

  • Installation process of our escape room props and puzzles is very simple (Plug and Play)

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Новые поступления

We are a full cycle production company.  

For the last seven years we have been producing various gadgets (devices), puzzles and props for people, who create Escape rooms. 

We helped our customers to create fantastic hi-tech Escape rooms in more than 44 countries.


We will be happy to see you among our customers!


Puzzles, props, devices, gadgets, decorations, electronics, portable games, software and application – these are the things, which we are proud of and able to produce  for you!



 530 projects completed in 44 countries worldwide