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Below you can buy our escape rooms puzzles: electronic or mechanical . All our props are "plug-and-play". You just put it to 110/220 V and it works perfectly.  If you have some questions please visit our TECH DESCRIPTION page.

Keep in mind, that all props can be decorated in your theme (not affects the price). We make props under the order, so we can customise the shape, colour and decoration of every prop. We even can change the logic of the puzzle. 

IMPORTANT: props below are not the only things we make. We create custom props under request for our clients. Some of them are unique and we can not publicise it. If you have an idea/picture/some thoughts of the puzzle you want - we will bring it to life.

Just write us via Email:

In our online store for Escape rooms (start ups and existing business) you can find various puzzles, props, elements and ideas for your

escape rooms. We sell various of different gadgets, if you want to change the design/decoration, please let us know. 

Different fake props of phones, bombs, animals -- with electronics or without -- everything you can find in our escape room on-line store. 

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