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circa 1.2 sq.m, 8 puzzles, complexity: hard, 25-30 minutes, 2-3 players
16 500 USD

Escape booth. Ready to play device. Escape room phone booth. Phone booth ER game.
Escape booth. Turnkey escaperom. Universal escape room for events.

Video on YouTube channel

This is a really sized London Booth, XIXth century. The storyline is based on the permanent confrontation between Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty. Players are locked in the booth because of his tricks, but Sherlock's attention and deduction will help to escape.


Not recommended for sensitive people or in case of any heart diseases, because of the scary and WOW-effects.

It is an escape room on only 1.2 sq.m. It is absolutely easy to use - just plug-in 110-240V and play! You can use it as an Escape room by itself or a 'waiting' attraction before a 1-hour rooms. It is also good for events and exhibitions. We can brand it in your corporative style on the request.

Escape the telephone booth game in real life! 


Full assembled booth, with all props mounted inside.

1 video camera with software

1 Android tablet with software

Audio equipment with content and software


Technical description:

Size: 3200*1200*1200 mm (precisely as the original one)
Weight: about 300 kg
Electricity consumption: 1.5 kw (at the max point)
Absolutely plug-and-play (just needed to plug it 110-240V AC)
Controlled by Game Master with Android Tablet
Video monitoring is included
Mounted WOW-effects: smoke, light-flashing, wind, real rain effect and the most incredible is Falling Roof at the end of the game.

16 500 USD

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