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We will write a unique scenario for your Escape room. You can provide us a theme or some references, if you have one. We can use some of the props from our catalog or create custom puzzles.

if you are looking for unique escape room (exit room/exit game), we can help you with that: design, scheme, scenario, puzzles props and decoration.


- Unusual theme for escape room?

- Unique scenario for escape room? 

- High tech puzzles with software control (wi-fi or ethernet in escape room)

  -- Not a problem. 

Please look through our YouTube channel -- we can easily help you with such project.


Part 1. Script/scenario

- full storyline 

- drawing with collocation of props and puzzles.

- detailed description of each prop

- sequence of all puzzles

Part 2. Project

- it includes visualisation and references with room design guide

- electronic circuit for electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles)

- detailed step-by-step guide for room installation 


Part 3. Props and puzzles

- all props and puzzles according to scenario

- all props and puzzles are decorated according to theme/script

- some spare parts

- one control board for all props and puzzles

- central music station and speakers

For orders and details write us:

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