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2 rooms, 30-40 sq.m, 13 puzzles, complexity: normal (for families),1 hour, 2-4 people
16600 USD

Readyto play escae room "Following the white rabbit". Alicein wonderland escape room, interior idea

While you were walking in a forest, you saw a white rabbit in an old-fashioned suit. You were surprised and decided to follow it. Awkwardly you fell into his hole and found yourself in Wonderland.
            This unusual place is full of adventures. However, you should not stay here for more than an hour. Time flies in Wonderland: one day in Wonderland equals ten years in the real world.
            Do you want to lose these years? We bet that you don’t. Then your goal is to find the way out of here as soon as possible!


Escape game includes 2 rooms:

Room 1.

A room with a lot of doors (by the way, they can differ in size). A small round table with a candlestick on it is in the center of the room.
            At the beginning of the game all the doors are locked. To open a door players should solve a puzzle. Behind the doors there are brick walls with objects with a hint on them. The players should open the doors one by one. A door to the 2nd room is the last one. All in all there are seven doors: entrance, 5 doors with a brick wall a