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Scenario - is the very beginning of your Escape room project. It is a start point, that is very important for the future success. To write a good scenario, you have to come up with the main theme, create puzzles according to it. Then you have to make sure that it fits in the space you have and the level of puzzles is suitable for 60 minutes game - not less, not more. The good story line is usually rather simple, logic and exciting.

We offer you our common scenarios and happy to make a new custom one just for you. You may use our ER scenarios as a step-by-step instructions or for inspiration in the process of opening your escape room.

We can write a script for you, which will include:

 ⁃ a full storyline for your escape room;

 ⁃ a plan with location of props and puzzles;

 ⁃ an circuit of electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles);

 ⁃ a detailed description of all the props;

 ⁃ a sequence of props and puzzles;

 - the  visualization and a design of escape room.

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