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60 minutes escape room.

Adventure "Out of all types of robberies, as it is known, the most profitable is robbery of a bank! A person makes a lot of cash. All banks are insured, because they do not lose anything! You are professional thieves, who decided today to do a good deed and at the same time to replenish your pockets in vaults of the largest bank in your city! You carefully prepared and cracked the security system for 60 minutes. You are required to crack the bank’s vault and get out of the loot crime scene before the police arrive!"


Location: 3 rooms: two security rooms and deposit room

2-6 players

Area: 30-50m2 16 puzzles

Here is ready to play room 

Here is video of that scenario


The scenario includes:

  ⁃  a full storyline;

  ⁃  a plan with location of props and puzzles;

  ⁃  an circuit of electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles);

  ⁃  a detailed description of all the props;

  ⁃  a sequence of props and puzzles;

  - the  visualisation and a room design guide.

Bank robbery

  • We guarantee, that you as our Client will receive puzzles and props with good and proper quality and full completeness.

    We provide 6 month warranty: spare parts or even replacement.

    In case of any problems with our goods, we will help you to diagnose problem.

  • We provide worldwide shipping via courier service. All packages are trackable. We ship all our items in special shipping (plywood) boxes to prevent any possible damage during the shipment.

    Shipping rates

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