If you decided to purchase ready to play escape room (turnkey escape room), please look read our post in blog, regarding possible options.

Videos of our ready to play escape rooms are here: YouTube playlist

You just have to build walls and decorate them and follow plans provided with our rooms. We do not make rooms with padlocks, only 2nd and 3rd generation rooms with high tech props and puzzles. We use a lot of controllers, sensors and other reliable latest game technologies.

We have rooms with different options:

  • 1-10 persons

  • from 15 to 150 m2 (161 to 1615 sq2)

  • averaged consumption of one room is 600-2000 Watts

  • different level of difficulties (from rather simple kids room to high tech difficult room)

  • 1-4 rooms inside each game

We also provide software with our rooms, info here

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.