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Augmened rality sandbox (iSandbox). AR sandbox. Augmented realit sotware


The idea of that puzzle is to create your own landscape by your hands. 

Inside the box (90*60*15cm, 35in*24in*6in) there is a sand (75kg, 165lbs). Above that box there are camera and projector. 

By analysing landscape of the sand colours are changing, like on a geographical map (blue for water and green/red for land). Player can change the landscape by their hands, just playing with sand. If he make rather big pit, water will appear there. With special gestures player can «add» or «remove» water. Also he/she can pour water from one pit to another. 

So, from the beginning with flat and green/yellow surface player create his own world with mountains, canyons, rivers and lakes. 

Great for educational and entertainment purposes! 

It is almost new trend: Edutainment.


Edutainment is the connection between entertainment and education. The interactive devices and mechanism that gives us a lot of fun and also experience and knowledge about the world and ourselves. There is much more joy, if you can discover for yourself science and test it by your own hands. 

Isn’t is exciting to play with real world in a miniature, like a Gulliver?

This form is useful both for real education (in schools, colleges, universities) and like a game - in entertainment centres/corners, museums (like Tom Tit’s museum in Stockholm and Experimentanium in Moscow), kinder gardens, malls.

AR sandbox as a puzzle for escape room
Edutainment - ar sandbox



It is cool to see the future, to think about it and dream… But what can we do NOW to make a step into? 

Our sandbox is a good example of the first step. You can start testing this format right in your Escape room location. There are several ways to do so:

  1. WOW-prop, as the end or start of Escape room (we can program a correct landscape, correct numbers of lakes and mountains or even they can draw smiley with help of relief). Interactive props are always players’ favourite! It is cool to touch, to feel, to build with your hands.

  2. Attraction for Lobby/Reception zone. The best way to equip your welcome zone - clients will never forget your location from the beginning. Sand has anti-stress effect also=) No more angry customers! 

  3. Single Edutainment corner at your location. Sell tickets and attract new clients, earn more money on the same space. You may charge clients for 5-10-Xmin. game. 

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