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Here is our post about portable mobile escape games.


Portable games -- it is independent gadget with built-in puzzles. Unpack, charge and play: plug and play  solution for escape room industry.

Use them for inside and outdoor events, birthday parties, as lobby game and for team building purposes. 

A portable escape game (or we may call it mini-escape room) is a type of escape room game that can be easily transported and set up in different locations. Unlike traditional escape rooms that are typically played in a fixed location, portable escape games allow players to enjoy the immersive and challenging experience of an escape room anywhere they want - in other words, these are easily transportable escape games.

These portable games often come in the form of a kit or a box containing all the necessary puzzles, clues, and props. They can be set up in different environments such as homes, offices, event venues, or even outdoor spaces. Portable escape games provide a convenient and flexible option for individuals, groups, or organizations to enjoy the thrill and mystery of an escape room experience in various settings.

Portable escape game, portable escape room, mobile escape room -- all that titles are stand for one thing: handheld solution for escape rooms as lobby game, parties and team-buildings. Someone calls these products -- portable puzzle boxes. 

Portable SETs of puzzles

It is a thematic selection of our props from catalogue, that you can easily mount at any place within 15 minutes.

SET of puzzles -- is escape room package with define puzzles inside. 

We group our puzzles and props into specific themes according to our vision and experience. They are combined into game sequence.

Please note, that we do not provide script/scenario with SETs, it is additional options. If you are interested in script/scenario, please let us know, we will provide you information.


Main idea is: it is only recommendation of sequence. 

You can easily change it, if you want. 


only mentioned props can be activated, if you need different logic, please let us know and we will change it.

Portable puzzles and props may work: 110-240v AC (power line) or battery version (re-chargeable). Basic version of portable SETs is with 110-240v AC power.

Use SETs of puzzles as the basic escape room KIT for your party, event or team-building. You have riddles, build your room around them and fill it with decorations!

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