That is portable case with full story and puzzles inside. Video on Youtube.

Duration of the game: 30-40 minutes.
Story: You are super agents. You already destroyed terrorists, but before that they launched rocket. Within 40min it will reach the final destination (city).
You have to hack the case and explode bomb in upper atmosphere.
Numberof players: 2-4 players (comfortable), for more use several cases in a network


Tech. Details

Numberof puzzles inside: 11 puzzles - 9 with electronics.
Sizeof case: 50*40*14cm (20*16*5.5in)
Weight: 5kg (11lb)
Inside the case there is a re-chargeable battery, work without chargingaround 20 hours. Charging with help of common USB cable. You will see status of battery (% left) on the screen when you turn the case on.

What will you get?
You receive all puzzles and game parts, that should be inside the case.
To play from the box.

We provide you:
1. case
2. USB cable for charging
3. pair of glasses x3 (2 spare)
4. 1 set of wires with "crocodiles"
5. note book with clue x2
6. battery is build inside case
7. small bomb x3

Portable escape room in a case "SAVE THE WORLD"

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