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3 rooms, circa 35-50 sq.m, 19 puzzles, complexity: family, 1 hour, 2-6 people
21 480 USD

Family friendly escape room, escape room for kids

A great story inspired by a famous author, Roald Dahl.


Duration of the game: 60 minutes.

Story: The goal is to save chocolate from extinction and, of course, get some! We are not joking! Players will get real chocolate as a reward.

Space: 3 rooms (total area: 35-50 sq.m=376-538 sq.ft), 19 puzzles. No padlocks!

Audience. It is an escape room for kids and their parents or just for adults. 5+ years

Video. Watch our video to see, what is inside the room (what you will actually get)!

scheme of ready to play escape room


ROOM 1: Lollipop mine

  • candy rock with 3 pickaxe

  • caramel stone big

  • dynamite and detanator

  • caramel stone small

  • lollipop cave

  • biscuits falling down

  • candy rock-exit

ROOM 2: Ice cream workshop

  • fridge with ice cream (scents)

  • barrel with map

  • signpost

  • stone

ROOM 3: Chocolate transportation department:

  • cache in a table

  • secret screen with glasses

  • remote control

  • TV program

  • clocks

  • "don't move" prop

  • 4 TV sets with sounds

  • Chocolate dispenser in a TV set

room #1. Lollipop mine. Escape room
room #1. Lollipop mine. Escape room. Puzzles inside
room #2. Ice cream workshop. Escape room for kids
room #2. Ice cream workshop. Penguin, refrigerator, barrel and sign post puzzles
Room #3. Chocolate transportation department
Room #3. Chocolate transportation department. Several puzzles inside

  • First of all, we should say, that it is a renewed room. All our team members (wood workers, painters, decorators, engineers and programmers) fixed and updated everything according to the new standards of the escape room industry.

  • This kind of room in not only entertainment, but also an educationalprocess. Fantasy generates innovations!

  • This room has been successfully operating in Moscow (in TOP mall) for 2 years. Web: Instagram: @familygame_park

  • Judging from our experience, we are sure, you will receive special rent terms due to the fact that an escape room is not an “ordinary” renter for a Mall. It attracts visitors. That is why Mall’s owners can offer you a really good rate.

  • There are two possible formats:

  1. Escape room for both kids and their parents - family entertainment (format #1)

  2. Playground/playschool to leave kids there for an hour or more - freedom for parents (format #2): 5-11 y.o. In this case visitors should also pay for a tutor for their kids. This means additional revenue.

    From our experience, we can say that 80% of all the groups prefer format #2.

  • The next key fact is that the number of customer re-visits of the same room reaches 33%. Does your escape room show such results? This is due to the fact that customers are mostly kids and they are impressed and excited by a great atmosphere, decorations and emotions! As well as a chocolate reward at the end of the visit =))

  • Total investment in this project was 93 000 USD (41 000 USD were spent on puzzles and props). Thus, you can get it for the very sweet price at the moment =)


  • We have pictures of the rooms, schemes and sounds. Therefore, it will be super easy for you to operate the installation process. The set includes almost everything you need to start a new escape room.

  • Installation of this escape room by our team is also possible.

  • We would also like to mention that all the puzzles and props are super easy to install. We use simple connectors. You need to connect them to 110-240v AC.

  • You need to build walls, decorate them (according to the photos we provide) and make a SIMPLE wiring.



This room was successful for two years in Moscow.
What do you think about that format of Escape rooms (family rooms) in your region?
Will it expand your target audience? 

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