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3 rooms, 40-50 sg.m, 18 puzzles, complexity: hard, 1-1.5 hour, 2-6 people
21 600 USD

quest room puzzels and props. Escape room business
escape room start up. Puzles, props, decoration for exit game

Part 1. Script/scenario

- full storyline 

- drawing with collocation of props and puzzles.

- detailed description of each prop

- sequence of all puzzles

Part 2. Project

- it includes visualisation and references with room design guide

- electronic circuit for electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles)

- detailed step-by-step guide for room installation 


Part 3. Props and puzzles

- all props and puzzles according to scenario

- all props and puzzles are decorated according to theme/script

- some spare parts

- one control board for all props and puzzles

- central music station and speakers

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