Portable suitcase for your events (inspired by Fantastic Creatures World) and outdoor ERs.


Great case for portable events: lobby zone, corporate and outdoor event.

There are 9 puzzles inside: 

2 with electronics, the res is mechanical ones.

Outside case:

Matrix with letters => code => padlock =>


Inside case: 

wrap with secret code => code => built in box#1 with gear

have to put gear into correct places on print => built-in box#2 will open with sound effect#1 and build in box#3 will open

players receive magic wand => they pick up medallion#1 in special hole

wooden maze (40*40cm) on one side of suitcase => we receive medallion#2

inside suitcase there is puzzle «key in a pen» => players can open built-in box#4 and they pick up medallion#3

There is place where players can put all 3 medallions => built-in box#5 will open with SOMETHING inside (plus sound effect #2)


Size of suitcase: 60*40*20cm (closed), 60*80*16cm (opened)

25-35min (3min/puzzle)

1-4 players (comfortable)

Age: 12+



Portable escape room. Mobile escape room (puzzle)

Suitcase with 8 puzzles inside (portable)

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