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Portable puzzles and escape rooms

Updated: Apr 12

Lets talk about important topic: portable rooms/portable puzzles/exit events and exit (incl. outdoor) escape rooms.

1. one body/ single body

There are various solutions, when you have one body and all puzzles are inside/outside that body.

Different suitcases, cases, chest, boxes, etc.

It is portable item (single unit) which you will bring to your location (office/bar/restaurant/ lobby zone). Ready to play after 1 min, reboot time is around 30-60sec. Item needs a very small area.


ready to play single product simple installation wireless (rechargeable batteries) compact. Easy to use indoor and outdoor simple restart of game after group of players


limited amount of players. Due to rather small size number of players limited with 1-6 persons you need to control battery level sequence of steps (logic) is fixed

2. SETs/KITs of puzzles

Firstly we need to tell, that almost any puzzle ( can be adopted as portable.

There are several puzzles (with one theme) which connected together (via wires or wireless). Example of such SETs:

They may work with:

AC plug: 110-240V AC in 12v DC. You have one powerful battery (car/boat/motorcycle) and all puzzles connected to this power source Each puzzle can have its own built-in power supply (like in paragraph 1) with USB charger

So, you have to bring it on location, install and use.


more players involved: more puzzles => more players variability of scenario: you can add/remove some puzzles to adopt scenario for your group bigger location can be used deeper atmosphere, better decorations


rather hard installation: more items => more time difficult (but anyway possible) to use outdoor you need to control battery level/ you need to control wires (power supply)

So, that is basic info about portable puzzles and items for escape room industry. If you are interested in portable products, please let us know.

Best regards,


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