60 minutes escape room.

Future Welcome to the world, where time is the one and only currency! When players solve a puzzle, they earn time. When they fail, they lose it. Will players be able to use the time they have in the right way? Relatively close future from the Time movie. The players are adventuresome guys who want to strike it rich (gain time). They have come to a club where they gamble for time. The task is to solve the riddles and make it to the finish before the time is over. They can make a fortune if they are lucky, but they have put all the eggs in one basket and don’t have room for mistake. The organizers are not the most honest people in the world, so they will not only add time during the game as it was promised in the beginning of the game but take it away as well (it’s the first time it happens at the laser maze and should be a surprise for the players).


Location: 3 rooms

2-4 players

Area: 40-50m2 18 puzzles

Here is ready to play room 


The scenario includes:

  ⁃  a full storyline;

  ⁃  a plan with location of props and puzzles;

  ⁃  an circuit of electronics and related parts (for props and puzzles);

  ⁃  a detailed description of all the props;

  ⁃  a sequence of props and puzzles;

  - the  visualisation and a room design guide.

In time

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    If problem is caused by some internal issues, we will send you some spare parts. Shipping and spare parts are our expenses. 

    If you cant fix the puzzle by yourself, please send it to us (shipping costs are on your side) we will receive, fix and send it back (sending back will be on our side).

  • We send via courier service EMS (door-door), all packages are trackable. 

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