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There is a decorated wooden ship (110-25-30cm). Two-step puzzle for two-three players.

On the deck of that ship there are 4 places for special medallions.

Step 1. Players have to put 4 different medallions on correct places. It will activate lighting inside the ship.

Step 2. With help of special small "hammers" two players (it is impossible to do by oneself!) have to "knock" the rhythm. Players have to knock in sequence (player 1, player 2, player 1, etc.).

Correct rhythm will activate the blower inside. Airflow will move sailing raft inside the main body.

Faster players knock the rhythm => faster blower works. If players break the rhythm, blower#2 will move sailing raft to start point.

Final goal is to move sailing raft from start point (stern) to finish point (bow), as a result external mag.lock will open.

Built-in sound and lighting effects.

We provide spare parts: 3 sets of medallions (12 in total) and 3 sets of "hammers" (6 in total).

Move the raft. Two-step puzzle.

SKU: ED0242
  • We guarantee, that you as our Client will receive puzzles and props with good and proper quality and full completeness.

    We provide 6 month warranty: spare parts or even replacement.

    In case of any problems with our goods, we will help you to diagnose problem.

  • We provide worldwide shipping via courier service. All packages are trackable. We ship all our items in special shipping (plywood) boxes to prevent any possible damage during the shipment.

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