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Connect wires

During Feb 2018 there was a challenge to us: we have to build 6 identical props (with 92 plugs) and 47 pairs of wires. We call this prop "Connect cities".

There were some problems with electronics inside, but we found elegant solution. But from technical point of view we have to track 92 plugs!

The second issue was wires: we need to make more than 500 wires with 6.3mm audio plugs. From one point of view it is simple task, but from another rather complicated:

1. cut

2. induction brazing

3. wire continuity

4. adhesive heat shrink

As a result we created VERY durable and cool-looking wires.

Wires for escape room puzzle (with electronics)

More than 500 wires with connectors for escape room game

Final view of Escape room puzzle (prop). Connect cities.

Also, here is video:

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