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Guide to the Purchase of a Ready-to-Play (Turnkey) Escape Room

Finally you’ve decided to open an escape room. This is good news! Here you will find useful information about the purchase of ready-to-play (turnkey) escape rooms produced by our company.

A ready-to-play/turnkey escape room — is a set of props/puzzles and decoration elements. This set includes almost everything you need to start an escape room business.

What steps should you take?

  • Find a location: 30-50 sq.m (= 320- 530 sq.ft) — an average size of an escape room (1 hour game); of course, variations are possible;

  • Build walls according to a plan/scheme;

  • Make a simple wiring: main power line 110-240v AC for some elements and 12v DC line;

  • Decorate the walls;

  • Install props/puzzles and decorations;

  • Add any other elements you wish!

1. Escape rooms from our catalogue

We have a catalogue of ready-to-play escape rooms, which we built previously and can produce also for you.

See the list on our web-site! link

See PlayList on our YouTube channel! link

When you order a ready-to-play/turnkey escape room from our company, you receive a game scenario, props/puzzles and decoration elements.

Advice 1. If you want to buy a standard escape room and are not looking for an individual project, then we do recommend that you watch the videos. With the help of the videos you can understand and actually see what you will get. This is a useful advice for any company/team working in the escape room industry.

Advice 2. Ask a potential supplier to provide you with a list of products (props/puzzles and decorations), which you will actually get.

2. Customer adjusted escape room (individual project)

Option 2.1. You send us a scenario/script. We make calculations and suggest some amendments (judging from our experience). Then we negotiate the price and start the production process.

Option 2.2. If you don’t have a scenario/script for your escape room,

- You can choose a scenario from our catalogue and buy it;

- We can write an individual scenario for you according to your needs and wishes.

3. Escape room with puzzles from our catalogue

We have quite a big catalogue with props and puzzles.

We can send you the list of our puzzles. You can choose any you like. When everything is agreed upon, we will produce the puzzles and decorate them according to the theme of your escape room. If you want to order something specific, which is not represented in our catalogue, we’ll be happy to help you with this and create an individual product.

In any case, you should have a scenario. This document helps you to understand the logic of the game. It also helps you to choose props and decorations, decide where they should be located.

Best regards,

EcoDecor team

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