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Custom electronics in Escape rooms

It is not obvious that most of puzzles inside any escape room have electronics inside.

  • Some puzzles have rather simple electronics, which can be mounted on purchased circuit board. There are tons of that boards with different sizes. Our example of that board:

Some puzzles and props inside escape rooms have quite complex electronics with big electric circuit. In that cases we develop and produce custom printed circuit board (PCB). It helps us:

  • increase speed of installation electronic components

  • reliability — is much higher

  • easier replication

There are two types of PCBs:

  • «home» made — when you do them with help of special chemical reaction. This method is faster (1 day for design and 1-2 days for production and installation).

  • factory-made — their outlook is a little bit better. But for purpose of ER industry there is no big difference between home made and factory-made.

Examples of our PCBs:

1. Factory- made PCB for ER:

2. Design process:

3. Produced PCBs for escape room project:

4. Here is PCB for segment indicators:

Such PCBs allows us to make puzzles faster, more reliable and with better quality.

The only thing we want to share at the end — please avoid Escape room builders who use dupont wires:

Best regards and successful projects,

EcoDecor team.

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