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Good wiring and electrical installation (pictures inside)

Hello escape room owners and enthusiasts.

Firstly, let me tell you, that it is not post about narcissism :)

But want to provide you some good examples (visual examples) of:

  • cable management,

  • good installation of electronic components inside escape room puzzles,

  • mechanical fixation of all electronic and other internal parts,

  • some custom PCBs and central control systems.

When you build your own projects, please, pay attention to layout of components inside each gadget as well as good manners in electronics installation.

Below you will find several examples of our escape room projects.

cable management and installation of electronics inside escape room puzzles
Four different projects of electronics in our escape room projects

custom PCB for escape room gadgets
Good cable management helps to reduce installation time

control system inside typical escape room: puzzles, lighting and sounds
At least the order in the cables looks nice

Good luck in your projects,


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