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SET of our puzzles: space theme

Updated: Apr 12

set of space puzzles for escape room

Here is another SET of out puzzles. Theme of escape room is "space":

Space ship, space wars, space galaxy, space adventure, etc.

  • Touchscreen puzzle. Relevant for spaceship / space station theme:

  • Music box puzzle. With space design of course:

  • Connect cities. Instead of cities we can engrave names of planets/ galaxies or some custom names/numbers:

  • Nuclear rods/ chemical box. I suppose, that any space station should have laboratory on board:

  • Magic cube. Space is closely related to high-tech. That is why magic cube puzzle (with custom decoration) is very relevant:

  • Stalactite prop:

  • "Arrows" machine:

  • Three levers. What about: players have to fix/start/stop engine?

  • Secret screen. Spaceship is full of screens:

  • Transmitter. Spaceship is full of switches, handles and indicators:

  • Map puzzle. Custom print:

  • Gas detector. Players have to fix the air pressure or they have to stabilise oxygen level, etc.:

  • Compass and steering wheel. Imagine this puzzle is "space" design: compass plus joystick:

  • Laser turret. Laser gun, laser pointer, laser turret, blaster:

  • Info board puzzle. Keypad, digits, custom plates. This puzzle can be easily implemented into space station:

  • Keyboard. Players have to type correct code to activate central computer:

  • Glowing cans. Space is associated with some kind of mystery:

  • Laser maze. To get into secret capsule players have to cross the maze:

  • Hold hands. Cold metal and some electronics:

  • Hack panel. To get into secret room, players have to hack the system:

  • Memory in case. Somewhere in the spaceship players can find small case with memory game inside:

  • Fallout station. What about the full station?

"space" puzzles for escape room

Best regards,

EcoDecor team

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