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SET of our puzzles: "virus" theme

Updated: Apr 12

SET of "virus" puzzles for escape game

Here is another SET of out puzzles. Theme of escape room is "virus":

Virus, creating a virus, laboratory, chemistry, etc.

  • Nuclear rods -- suits for LAB theme


  • Connect cities. Instead cities we will add names of viruses or chemical components


  • Gas detector. Gas pressure controller in laboratory


  • Picture with missing details. Imagine, that it will be some custom picture relevant to "virus" theme, not only the picture, but also and objects (missing details).

  • Info board. Also suitable for "lab" theme. Also with custom plates.

  • Jars. Colorful jazz with different elements

  • Arrows machine


  • Finger print. To enter into secret location or secret compartment

  • Barcode scanner. Scan barcode of some objects (test tubes with chemicals)

  • Hanger with built-in box. Classic for almost any theme

  • Brainteaser. Words and buttons will be customized up to lab-style

  • Phone prop. Also classic for any theme.

Best regards,

EcoDecor team

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