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Some tips about installation for Escape room owners

All of us faced problems with installation of props, puzzles and decor elements. That is why we decided to share our experience as well as feedback from our customers with you. Please, keep in mind the aspects listed below!

Hide all the wires! Players in your escape room will always try to pull, break and even bite wires. In spite of the fact that we fix wires inside our puzzles with double protection, sometimes this is not enough. You can also hide wires inside special plastic channels for cables. This is not the best solution. However, better than nothing! Obviously, these recommendations are also applicable to sockets. Please, eliminate any possible contact between players and 110-240v AC!

Fix all props with screws! Naturally you will fix all the props, which are meant to be fixed. However, we suggest that you fix all the gadgets to walls, ceilings, tables, nightstands, bureaus, etc. Make perforations for wires. Examples of gadgets: phone props, maps, different pedestals with RFIDs, scales, screens, terminals. While installing your devices and decoration, please, pay attention to the size of fastening hardware! Do not damage internal parts!

If you have external sensors, test them before the installation in order not to assemble/disassemble the puzzle several times. Examples of sensors in your escape room: RFID sensors, metal detectors and magnet detectors. If you are going to mill a slot for sensors, make it 1.5 times bigger than the sensor itself and test the depth before the final installation. It will help you find the center with mark/responding object.

Use connectors for wiring. Try to avoid using all-in-one type of connections (soldering, twist, etc.). In case there are some problems, it will be easier for you to extract and change the component, wire or the whole puzzle.

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