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Safety in your Escape rooms

Dear escape room owners.

As puzzle builders we want to share with you some tips regarding safety in your Escape room (escape game).

Some tips may be obvious from general point of view, but it is better to duplicate, then ignore

1. If you have some rooms/compartment where players are, lock them using ONLY electromagnetic locks (EM locks) => in case of emergency you will shut down power supply and door/latch will open.

2. You should have special buttons/switches with easy accessibility to open mag.locks in your rooms. You can install these switches in power line of your magnetic locks: polarity does not matter. Such switches do not hurt any electronics from any puzzles and props, they just shut down power supply. There should be a switch for each puzzle.

3. In addition to point 2. You should also have switches, which turn off the whole power supply of a puzzle, in case p.2 does not work. It will also help you to reboot your puzzles remotely.

4. All switches/power lines/ wiring in your game master's room connected with 110-240V AC should be installed in a special electrical panel (special metal box).

5. Keep all main power lines/wiring/switches (110-240C AC) in one room and in one place. There should be an easy access for fyou to be able to react fast enough.

6. Keep your wiring in order! Please, do not forget about grounding either! Most of the puzzles do not need to be grounded. However, some sensors (e.g. capacity) cannot work properly, if they are not grounded.

Safe wiring in escape room (electrical panel in escape room)

7. Please, work with experienced electricians, who have a license! These guys can help you solve a lot of electricity and wiring issues in your escape game rooms.

Best regards,

EcoDecor team.

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