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SET of our puzzles: magic school

Updated: May 22

Here is another SET of out puzzles. Theme is "magic school" (Harry Potter inspired theme).

Magic school SET of puzzles

  • Blind character (with custom print):

  • Picture with missing details:

  • Colorful jars (instead of jars we can make different objects):

  • Music box (yes, there are buttons, but why not?):

  • Safe prop (antique version). Instead of «click» sound inside safe we can add some «magic» sound:

  • Chess v2. If theme is magic school or identical, it is rathe logic to have chess inside school. With external mag.lock or with built in box:

  • Weapon shield. Rather relevant. Instead of swords can make other magic objects:

  • Magic mirror with custom print:

  • Antique clock with built-in box — puzzle in old-school style:

  • Beware of a touch. Outlook of that puzzle is similar to magic theme:

  • Pure magic puzzle:

  • Magic cube. With custom decoration of course:

  • Exorcist board. Also good for magic theme (Ouija board):

  • 15-puzzle with custom print:

  • Four stones. Instead of stones can make other objects:

  • Box with a lift (Statue version):

  • Tambourine. Good for magic style decoration:

or knock-knock puzzle:

  • Candle cache. Custom print on the top:

  • Hold hands (two panels). Outlook is not super-magic, but the final result of the puzzle is wow:

Harry Potter - inspired set of puzzles for escape room

Best regards,

EcoDecor team

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