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Themed sets of our puzzles (updated)

Updated: Apr 12

I always wanted to write this post regarding different puzzles.

A lot of clients ask us to provide list of puzzles with different themes. Finally, I sum up that info into one text.

Almost any puzzle can be adopted (decorated) up to one theme of your escape room: either decoration or print(s).

Obviously, some puzzles with screens are not relevant for some stone age/middle age or pirate theme, but they are fine for space theme, office or laboratory.

props and puzzles for one particular theme
Different puzzles adopted to particular theme

Here are some examples:

Horror Puzzles

Egyptian theme

Pirate theme

1. Firstly pay attention to our pirate escape room, there are a lot of puzzles with good decoration:

There are a lot of puzzles for pirate theme ER.

Puzzles separately:

Soviet theme (eternal USSR!)


or bigger version of mentioned puzzle:

And many more. I can double any of mentioned list, but just want to show you some examples.

All the best and stay safe,

Ilya (CEO)

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