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«Winch» project

Today we would like o talk about a large project (a special craftwork) called «Winch».

Here you can see video of Winch prop:

It was created for one of major quests in Moscow. To understand the logic of this task, it is vital to know that according to the script, a room was located in the volcano crater.

The task (an excerpt from our technical specification):

The task:

The players need to place the metal balls in the mould which is located in the drawer, close the drawer, turn the knob counter clockwise a certain number of times, then wait for a confirmation signal and turn the knob clockwise the same number of times. If everything is done correctly, the players will be able to open the box from the other side and take out the key.

Literary speaking, the players pour metal objects into the mould inside the winch. Rotating the winch, the players lower down the mould. While rotating the winch, the players lower down the mould into the zone of high temperature. The melting process only happens at a certain depth; hence a certain number of rotations of the winch is needed (we will explain this later). Wait until the metal melts and lift up the mould, therefore a whole cast object will appear in the same box.

Originally we planned to implement the manual operation of the winch, with the players having to rotate the handle of the winch. But, at the initial stage we refused this idea and went on with the producing of electronic control.

External equipment:

  1. A box with a mould;

  2. Two control buttons (up and down);

  3. LCD display, showing the number of rotations;

  4. Indicator of the box with the mould status;

  5. The winch drum

When we attempted to simulate these processes, we faced several challenges and used rather unconventional solutions.


Project implementation

The box is made of plywood 6mm thick. The box with a mould is also made of plywood. Faces of the box are reinforced with pine timber, and in the places of winch fastening there are stiffeners installed. Body of the box is puttied and painted.

Overall dimention: 80-50-45cm

Weight of riddle: 18kg


  • Arduino Mega,we used literally all controller pins;

  • AC/DC 220-12 volts (150 W), such power supply is caused by a large intake of the winch

  • Linear actuator 150 metres, 1.5 kg

We uncovered only a small part of the problems and solutions, without focusing on minor issues. For more detailed information and photos please check our YouTube channel. You can also see this video at the top of this page.

This is a pilot article about a special project. Soon, we shall tell you more about some other projects for quests in real life!

If you have any questions or comments regarding the "Winch" quiz, please email us. We would be delighted to help you.

Yours truly,

EcoDecor team

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