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How to earn money on portable/mobile escape rooms? (Success business case)

We want to tell you more info about portable/mobile escape rooms and games. It is rather unusual format versus classic escape rooms on location.

On previous post we tried to present you different types of portable items.

Today we want to share business case of our client, who successfully operates portable suitcase in his city.

Our main idea is:


"Nowadays people are bored siting in their apartments isolated, they want home delivery entertainments."


Here is an example of successful operation of portable game (remote escape game), real story of our Client. His name is Daniel (33 y.o.) he is from Paris. He purchased and received our portable suitcase 2 month ago (middle of January 2020). He decided to deliver that case directly to his clients (apartments and houses) for small family and friendly parties.

Main idea: - Bring case to location => give instructions => pick up => bring to another location.

Cost: 3220 EUR | Income per month: 3020 EUR | Payback: 1 month

He already has escape room business for 2 years with good list of clients. So, here are several facts:

Cost of suitcase: 3220 EUR

During the 4 weeks (February) Daniel did 34 bookings (sometimes several booking per day)

Price range: 80-120 EUR per 1h (depends on day and number of players)

Total income for mentioned period: 3020 EUR

So, within a month suitcase was paid off

Good story with good and trusting clients and unusual business idea.

We are in sharing- economy era, lets bring it to our clients!

Taking into account current situation with COVID-19: disinfection process for such type of product takes 3-4 minutes

Stay safe and good luck to your business,

EcoDecor team

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